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Tibetan Tattoo Designer

Tibetan Tattoo Design

Mike dancing & singing his lungs out!
Click on the photo to see what makes him fly!?

Tibetan Tattoo Designer

Mike Karma


Contact -- 御連絡



カルマ マイク

Tibetan Tattoo Design

Tattoo Designer Mike Karma's CV


2007-2013 Working as Freelance Tibetan Translator and Tattoo Designer

2005-2006 Worked as Tibetan Language Teacher in UK

2003-2004 e-Commerce (Retail of Tibetan Rugs & Carpets, Arts & Crafts in Japan)

2000-2004 English Teacher in Japan

2002 Worked as Tibetan Translator and Interpreter for Tourists in Tibet

1998-2000 Studied Tibetan Language and Translation at various Monasteries in Nepal and India

1995-1997 Studied Tibetan at LTWA (Dharamsala)



Tibetan Script Tattoo Designer, Tibetan Translator

Mike - once upon an eternity, catching a glimpse of Deep Space.. amazed, mystified, scared, perplexed, joyous - all at once!

Tibetan Script Tattoo Designer, Tibetan Translator

Mike not-so-long-ago at one of the best-preserved natural beaches in Spain - looking very relaxed after some refreshing sex-on-the-beach. (And we are not talking about cocktails here!)

Tibetan Script Tattoo Designer, Tibetan Translator Mike Karma, Laughing Merry with Tibetan Chang | Spring 2002 Staying at Lhasa Snow Lion Hotel | Photo of Tibetan Script Tattoo Designer, Tibetan Translator Mike Karma.

Mike Karma in Tibet, seen in this photo in a jolly good mood, laughing merrily thanks to some first-class Tibetan Chang ( = beer; ah, there's no barley like Tibetan barley!). Staying at Lhasa 'Snow Lion' Hotel.

Mike Karma in Tibet Sneezing due to Pollen during Camping Trip near Drepung Monastery outside Lhasa | photo of Tibetan Script Tattoo Designer, Tibetan Translator.

Spring 2002: Mike Karma in Tibet - caught in the act of Sneezing! (due to pollen‍, perhaps?). Together with my Japanese girlfriend I paid a visit to a dear old friend at Drepung Monastery, whom I had not seen since 1997. He offered to lend us his tent so that we could do a bit of camping (or perhaps 'picnicking' is the right word) in the hills just behind the Monastery. This was in April, nights were still very cold, hence the snow at higher altitudes, seen in the photo behind the tent; however, Drepung itself is at a 'mere' 4000m above see level, so the days were warm, grass turning from yellow to green, and the sun pretty intense already. Anyway, I carried out the sneeze successfully, bless me!

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Tibetan Tattoo Design

In order to view Tibetan Tattoo Design Samples please follow this link:

Tibetan Tattoo Design

Below is a sample English-to-Tibetan translation.

This is intended for translation agencies; it is not of great interest to people looking for designs.

Tibetan Translation

Work Samples


Document to be Translated into Tibetan Language 1 - (Bod sKad Du bsGyur dGos Pa'i Yig Cha 1)

ABOVE: Original Document
(Source Language: English)



BELOW: Translated Document
(Target Language: Tibetan (Bod sKad))

Document Translated into Tibetan Language 1 - (Bod sKad Du bsGyur Pa'i Yig Cha 1)


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DOWNLOAD WORD DOCUMENT (Requires Tibetan Font)


Tibetan Tattoo Design


Contact -- 御連絡

Tibetalia @ TranslatorsCafe

Tibetalia @ ProZ


Tibetan Tattoo Design
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тибетский тату, チベット語でタトゥー, Καλλιτέχνης Θιβετιανής καλλιγραφίας.

カルマ マイク チベタン タトゥー デザイナー, チベット語 で の 入墨・タトゥー・刺青 デザイン 
チベタン タトゥー, チベット語 で タトゥー, 入れ墨, 入墨, 剳青, 文身, 黥, 刺青, 彫り物,

བོད་སྐད བོད་ཡིག བསྒྱུར་མཁན སྐད་སྒྱུར སྐད་གཉིས་སྨྲ་བ
ཁབ་གཙགས་རི་མོ་ རྨེ་རིས་ བཀྲ་ཤིས་

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