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ROYAL JELLY Product Samples

Saved from Blindness by Royal Jelly?

I had had computer-related problems with my eyes for a couple of years, but for some reason my condition deteriorated rapidly earlier this year (2010) during my stay in Thailand. I would start working and within two to three hours I would experience not only considerable discomfort but also unusual secretion of mucous around my tear-glands and even severe blurring of vision, to the point where I felt it was not safe for me to continue working, nor to strain my eyes in similar ways, such as watching TV or reading.
I had previously been warned by my ophthalmologist to reduce my daily computer work to under 4 hours, but I had not thought my condition would deteriorate so rapidly!

A week or two later I noticed a newspaper advertisement for royal jelly. The product was described as fresh, natural-state royal jelly, and since the jar was fairly large the price was quite high. Through some research I found out that most pharmacies stocked in freeze-dried royal jelly in capsules at a much lower price.
I had always wondered what was so special about royal jelly, but had never gotten round to ingesting it, primarily owing to my tendency to adhere to a vegan diet as much as possible. Nevertheless, I decided that I might as well give it a try, initially the freeze-dried royal jelly, and if the results turned out to be unsatisfactory, the natural-state product as well.
I should mention that I embarked on this experiment with a general-interest sort of attitude - I did not expect royal jelly to improve any specific areas of my health, and that it may have any effect on my eyes did not even cross my mind.
I took my first capsule and went for a walk. Within an hour I started feeling as if I were literally 'full of bees' - in a very pleasant way! I became very energetic and, entering a shopping centre, I 'flew' up flights of stairs with unbelievable ease. There was no doubt the royal jelly had 'given me a buzz'.
Over the next few days I noticed that royal jelly was an excellent antidote for the lethargy caused by the heat and humidity of Thailand; it contributed greatly to my physical vigour and even enhanced my mental clarity. Over the next few weeks I consistently noticed that it has a very positive effect both on physical health and on one's mental state, as it can improve one's mood on a bad day.
And as for my sexual potency, it doubled within a few days!

The greatest surprise of all, however, was the fact that very soon the trouble with my eyes subsided and I was once more able to use the computer 4, 6, even 8 hours a day without any difficulty at all. In other words, it is thanks to royal jelly that this Website remains online and that I continue creating Tibetan Script Designs (instead of being reduced, through eye-damage, to doing far less rewarding sort of work)!
What is even more surprising is that I continue to enjoy almost all of the benefits (those mentioned above and many more) even if I discontinue royal jelly for days or weeks on end!
Now, if this is not a bit of a miracle I don't know what is. I certainly felt that this experience must be shared and that is how this page came into existence.

Much can be said about royal jelly, and there is much that cannot be said because the chemical structure of this peculiar substance continues to baffle scientists as certain segments of the structure seem to simply defy analysis.
In practical terms, however, what must be mentioned is the following:
The honey-bee queens and workers represent a striking example of environmentally controlled phenotypic polymorphism. In spite of their identical nature at the DNA level they are strongly differentiated across a wide range of characteristics including anatomical and physiological differences, such as the longevity of the queen and its astonishing reproductive capacity etc.
Royal jelly is initially fed to all bee larvae, whether they are 'destined' to become drones, workers or queens. After three days, the drone and worker larvae are no longer fed royal jelly, but queen larvae continue to be fed this special substance throughout their development.
In other words, the young queen larva develops differently because it is more heavily fed royal jelly, a protein-rich secretion from glands on the heads of young workers. If not for being heavily fed royal jelly, the queen larva would have developed into a regular worker bee.

Once the above fact has been grasped, it can no longer seem surprising that royal jelly should have such life-changing beneficial effects on human beings as well.

Made-in-Thailand ROYAL JELLY Product Sample

The particular brand of freeze-dried royal jelly which I have been taking can be seen in the image below. This is a quality product available in pharmacies throughout Thailand at the price of 220 Baht, or about 4.50 GBP per box. Each box contains 30 capsules of freeze-dried royal jelly, which is considered a one-month supply for the average person.
Cheap, you may say, however, if you are going to purchase just one box to test the product, the additional expense of having it sent abroad (even if a friend in Thailand does it for you) will be considerable.

I have negotiated a very favourable wholesale rate with the manufacturer, which means that you can purchase a single box of royal jelly from me for as little as 3.50GBP (P&P included). Should you wish to make a larger order, e.g. 5-10 boxes, the price would be even more favourable.

Depending on your physical address, the product will be shipped to you either from Brighton (UK), or Hong Kong, or directly from Thailand.

Royal Jelly has been used by man for centuries for its remarkable health-giving and rejuvenating properties. Royal Jelly is produced by the worker bees as a diet for the Queen bee. This makes her live 50 times longer than other bees.

Royal Jelly contains all the amino acids and B-vitamins in natural form and has many other important properties.

Royal Jelly raises the energy level, thereby boosting our physical well-being and performance, and increasing mental alertness. It can even be said to increase one's happiness because it is an antidote to negative states of mind such as depression. Outwardly, Royal Jelly keeps the skin, hair and nails in peak condition; inwardly, it boosts the immune system, thus acting as a preventative for disease in general. Royal Jelly also provides higher potency for men and gives us a longer and better life.

In addition to Freeze-Dried Royal Jelly you can also purchase Fresh (Natural-State) Royal Jelly if you are willing to spend more. In any case you will be paying a mere 5%-20% of the cost of Royal Jelly in Europe/USA/Japan.

Made-in-Tibet ROYAL JELLY Product Sample

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