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Tibetan Designs - POWER and SUCCESS

Tibetan Designs - POWER and SUCCESS

by Mike Karma


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マイク カルマ

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Tibetan Designs - POWER and SUCCESS

This page explores the topic of POWER and SUCCESS - how to be powerful and successful CORRECTLY, and how to attain power and success by practising CORRECT thinking and ancient MANIFESTATION formulas.

First of all, we must define what is NOT a correct form of power or success! Certainly people who seek success or fame for the sake of self-aggrandisement or egotistical purposes, and those who seek power in order to exploit or suppress others are NOT on the correct path! Countless saints, philosophers, and psychologists have clearly shown this to be a fact, and if you are willing to analytically observe your own life, you will most likely find this to be true.

Regarding what IS the correct way to be powerful and sucessful there are many points of view, and long, detailed discussions could be engaged in.

However, to focus only on what is truly essential, I would say that for me, the most important aspects are these two:

the ability to gradually DISTANCE ourselves from toxic, harmful people who cause disturbance in our lives, who 'infect' us with their madness, and 'drag us down';
and SURROUND ourselves with people who are much more advanced

the ability to attract all sorts of physical, mental, and spiritual abundance into our lives. ('Abundance' in the present state of our planet often means money.)

Commentary on (1):

It may sound harsh to call people 'toxic' or 'insane', but from a spiritual point of view anyone who has not purified him- or herself to the point where they become similar to a buddha or Christ is in fact toxic and crazy to some degree.

If we are sincere, we will recognise our own negativity and mad modes of behaviour. From this recognition, we will naturally wish to eliminate more and more of that negativity, and one very important step in this direction is to distance ourselves form people who are particularly toxic.

This does not mean that we 'abandon' them in our heart. We are simply taking a break from socialising with them, so that we can purify ourselves all the quicker, and once we have attained a mental state of stable tranquility, we can go back to those people and help them!

'stable tranquility' is precisely the main condition for that elusive 'happiness' which we all seek! And if we achieve HAPPINESS, than we have attained POWER over our own mind, body, and life, and this is the only kind of SUCCESS that matters.

Commentary on (2):

Many people were 'infected' in their youth with the idea that money, or 'being rich', is somehow bad! It is true that in some circumstances money can corrupt if it comes to an immature person too suddenly (lottery etc.)

But in general, when a mature and responsible person acquires money in an honest way, it will make him or her happier.

(Google: 'money makes you happy stanford study 75,000').

Think of it: when we lack money, we are stressed because we cannot buy things like healthy food or sports equipment or musical instruments ... (it is especially stressful when we are unable to afford such things to our children, because we feel we are failing them!)

And no stressed person is able to be happy or enjoy life.

And for those who have met me in person in Spain or France, here is another apt example:

In the mediterranean countries, from Spain to Italy and Greece, and recently even in France, the economic situation is very grave. If in a traditionally strong economy such as France people are becoming afraid that in their old age they may not receive a sufficient pension from (traditionally socialistic) State, then this certainly is cause for alarm!

It will be very difficult to remedy this situation in a short time on a societal level, because societies can only be improved when the consciousness of the majority of people is raised.

However, it is possible for smart and WISE persons such as you, dear visitor to my site, to take advantage of advice offered on consciousness-raising Websites such as this to take your own destiny into your own hand and ensure that your future is not jeopardised.

Imagine the shame and strife if you were to retire and find out that your 'beloved' country has no money for your pension; imagine losing your house, or being obliged to accept financial help from your own children - that's horrible, so it's better NOT to imagine it!

Instead, let us paint a rosy picture for ourselves; but in the world we live in, the only way for us MATERIAL BEINGS to ensure a rosy future of peace and happiness is by owning much land, or having much money!

Therefore please: do not be complacent! If you are able to afford a holiday in San Sebastian or Biarritz etc in August, you are probably not lacking money; you are certainly luckier than 99.9 percent of the human population.

But we must remain vigilant, and by acquiring business skills and knowledge ensure that we save enough money for our old age :)

Money certainly is the only way, at present, for most people to ensure a healthy and stable physical existence; and it is only based on such physical wellbeing that we are able to turn our mind and spirit towards higher goals, such as playing music or practising yoga etc. :)

Silver and Golden Tibetan Designs - POWER and SUCCESS - TIBETALIA


You have most probably come to this page because you have obtained the direct link after MEETING ME (Mike Karma) IN PERSON in Spain (Donostia), or in France (Biarritz).

This is your opportunity to become part of my

'Be 1 in a 1000000000 project'

You may be aware that there are only very few people in the world who can create the type of Tibetan spiral design seen on this page, in fact, there are only about 5 who are creating such designs in a professional and consistent manner.

This means that my skill is so rare that I am literally a
"One in a Billion"
sort of person.

And I wish to encourage everyone to pursue in their own lives whatever is in their own heart and soul, to be creative and free-spirited in terms of their lifestyle, instead of merely obeying and following the guidelines of our sick societies. It is of course very difficult to 'become one in a billion' overnight, but each day we can take a step away from being clones and a step towards becoming special and unique!

As mentioned, one of the most important conditions for becoming successful and fulfilled is close observation and correct thinking. Ancient books are full of mental tools and instructions on how to develop a keen, methodical, stable, and healthy mind.

Most of the content of most of the books published in the West (e.g. books on self-help, practical psychology, etc.) can actually be traced back to those ancient books in Sanskrit, Tibetan, etc.

Many of Tibetalia's designs feature very pithy (highly condensed) formulas from those ancient books , and it is very beneficial for anyone to view them and try to appreciate their beauty and the structure of the script.

(One of the scripts used for Sanskrit is called Devanagari, which means 'City of Gods' - reportedly because it was passed to Humans from and advanced alien civilisation who were like 'gods' to humans.)

Please note that until the end of September some of my most advanced designs are available at discounted rates to people who have met me in person. The golden spiral design on this page for example, was originally priced at 144 EUR. Current market price is 67 EUR, but for the visitors to this page I am making it available for just 28 EUR :)

Simply click on the link below and
on the Order Page select "SPIRAL".

If you have money to invest, then this is a very quick and efficient way to become part of the

'Be 1 in a Billion' project.

Remember, it is a characteristic of all successful and unique people that they INVEST IN and READ many books (CEO's / managers apparently read at least 1 book per week).

Therefore we should read important books in a modern language OR contemplate condensed quotes from ancient books which are the origin of most subject matter in most modern books.




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